Why Working With a Private Practice is Better Than Working With a Big Corporation

The industry of psychology has changed. I say “industry” because some sectors of this field have become closely aligned with big corporations. This is common in a wide range of businesses. However, psychology is not retail or manufacturing. It is all about mental health help and support. By definition, it thrives on small, interpersonal moments. While it may offer some advantages, corporate psychology can result in us losing the plot when it comes to emotional healing.mSo, rather than focus on the less favorable aspects of working with a big corporation, I will discuss the myriad benefits of choosing a private practice.

5 Reasons Why Working With a Private Practice is Better

1. You Get That Old School-Style of Service

Let’s face it, the business world today is virtually unrecognizable from even a decade ago. We have surrendered so much of our old-school, personal interactions. Customers are often viewed as revenue to be exploited rather than human beings to be cared for. This brings us to…

2. Face-to-Face Interactions

Who doesn’t like patronizing a business where you know the staff, and they know you? The world is craving face-to-face, IRL interactions. At your local private therapy practice, in-person is the norm. Nothing can replace physically talking with someone one-on-one. Within the realm of therapy, the benefits multiply. These benefits may include:

  • Sessions feel like a safe space/workshop where you can comfortably discuss complex topics.
  • Your therapist can factor in your non-verbal energy, gestures, facial expressions, etc.
  • Conversely, you get to develop a deeper bond with your therapist as you can learn their habits and nuances, too.

3. Coordinated Care Between a Variety of Therapists

Quite often, the smaller private therapy practice in your neighborhood or town has several therapists on staff. This reality allows for a great cross-section of therapeutic approaches, styles, and specialties. Private practice will enable individuals to attend both couples and individual therapy or couples and family therapy with various therapists within the same practice. Care is coordinated and shared by the therapists with permission from the client.

4. It’s Definitely Not One-Size-Fits-All

As any business upsizes, there is a very real and consistent risk of losing personalized care and service. Sometimes, this trade-off can feel acceptable in companies dealing with goods and manufacturing. One-Size-Fits-All occasionally works for something like kitchen appliances. However, this is simply not acceptable or necessarily helpful in mental health care.

At a private therapy practice, personalized care is always at the top of the priority list. The goal is not to treat a condition. Rather, it is all about treating the person who just so happens to be struggling with a particular issue or two. Personalized care is not nearly as easy to find within a corporate-based environment.

5. Supporting a Small Business in Your Community

The benefits of choosing a private practice go beyond the specialized care you get. There is incredible value in supporting a small business. Now more than ever, small businesses feel as if they are under siege. If we step back and take a comprehensive picture look, we will recognize that life without “mom-and-pop” shops only benefits the big corporations. Literally, everyone else loses. So, why not choose to be on the right side of history?

Once you have made the vital decision to start therapy, you will face another important follow-up choice. Where do I go? How do I know how to find the therapy practice that can meet my varied needs? I’d love to talk with you more about your options. Let’s connect very soon to schedule a free and confidential consultation

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