Rekindling the Spark: How Couples Counseling Can Reignite Passion

Relationships go through challenges; lack of intimacy, feeling distant, loss of connection, etc. It may feel that the relationship is losing the overall spark it had from the beginning.

While relationships go through ups and downs, they do not need to stay in low places for very long. Couples counseling can be a great resource to rekindle that flame and work through any other underlying issues. But how, exactly, can therapy help reignite this passion?

Effective Communication

One of the reasons couples tend to struggle in a relationship is because of poor communication skills. We fall into habits with our partners and start to assume that, since we have been together for so long, our person should just understand our needs and expectations.

Relying on assumptions causes disappointment and misunderstanding. Learning more effective ways to communicate can stamp out these old habits and form a path for better connection. Communication is the first step in rediscovering passion.


Therapists are trained to teach couples ways to overcome their issues. Being in a safe and non-judgmental space is a great place to begin to sort through problems. When faced with conflict, it can feel like it’s you against your partner.

However, when you reframe your mindset and change the narrative to you and your partner against the conflict, it becomes a lot easier to handle these problems. Therapy will teach you how to work as a team and overcome obstacles. With better conflict-resolution skills, you may start to feel closer to your significant other.

Trust and Intimacy

Exploring issues with trust can help rebuild the foundation of the relationship. Together, therapist and couples may process the deep-rooted causes of trust issues and work on ways to overcome them.

Rebuilding trust is done by enhancing emotional closeness, improving communication, and practicing intimacy. Intimacy does not always have to mean sex. In fact, to improve any problems in the bedroom, couples should learn how to foster a new sense of closeness.

Openness to Change

Relationships are all about change and sacrifice — concepts that are not always easy to do. It’s important to remember that change can happen at any point, it’s all about the readiness. Working with a counselor can assess whether you are ready for this change and what is needed in order to make changes.

Try to keep an open mind when it comes to changing. We develop our own personal routines, and when we choose to live with someone else, we fall in step with theirs. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable, and it requires effort to push through these unpleasant emotions. But in doing so, your relationship will be much better off.

Emotional Connection

Losing the spark can also be related to the loss of an emotional connection with one another. Engaging in couples counseling can help rediscover this bond through conversation, exploring mutual and pleasurable activities, and rekindling the spark.

It’s important to set aside time to connect with your partner throughout the week. Dates do not have to be extravagant, they just need to be intimate and a way to spend quality time with one another.

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Couples counseling not only allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your partner but also yourself. You will start to realize your own wants and needs and how to vocalize them. Throughout the relationship, it’s important to always check in and “get to know” your person again.

We grow and change as time passes, and we may not even recognize our partner sometimes. Understanding them wholeheartedly is going to increase that spark within the relationship.

If you are in a relationship, engagement, or marriage, and you believe any of these could benefit you and your partner, reach out and schedule a session with a mental health professional today!

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