Rachael Jacobs

Clinical Intern



Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Intimate Relationship Counseling

Experienced In:

Eating Disorders
Life Transitions


Westminster, CO + Parker, CO + Online

I believe that as humans we are inherently interconnected to the other people, systems and nature around us and as such we are both impacted by, and impact all that surrounds us. It would be my honor to be one of (hopefully) many positive impactful forces in your life’s journey as your therapist.

I view therapeutic relationships as two sided- I can’t expect for my clients to show up authentically if I don’t do the same. I use curiosity, compassion and a touch of humor to create a genuine human connection that aims to create a safe space for clients to be vulnerable and brave.

I see therapy through a narrative lens which focuses on identifying the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck in the cycle of discomfort that we’re living in- change happens as we begin to dismantle the stories that no longer serve us and embrace new and fluid ones. In addition to narrative therapy, I lean on emotionally focused therapy, person-centered therapy, and feminist theory during sessions, while always maintaining a foundation based in social justice and systemic perspectives.

Professionally, for the past 6 years I have worked closely with adolescents struggling with suicidality, eating disorders, homicidal ideation, trauma, neglect and conduct disorder in both residential and inpatient settings. Personally, I find being in nature as a therapeutic experience in and of itself and spend my free time climbing, snowboarding, rafting and backpacking. I look forward to getting to connect with you!

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