Nicolas Kelly

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Couples Therapy
Individual Therapy
Marriage Counseling
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Family Therapy

Experienced In:

Adolescents, couples distress, neurodiverse communities, family distress, healing


Westminster, CO + Parker, CO + Online

Hi, my name is Nicolas Kelly. I am currently in my master’s program at CU Denver focusing on marriage and family therapy, but I am also working on my LPC as well. I am a Colorado native, and I grew up just outside of Boulder. I enjoy the outdoors, sports, and being with my three dogs.

In my past work I have spent a lot of time with the neurodiverse community and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I would like to continue to work with these populations, and I bring a vast range of experiences and knowledge to the table to help with the therapy process.

I feel that I bring an eclectic approach to my therapy pulling from different theories such as, narrative, Adlerian, IFS, solution focused, strength-based approaches, attachment, emotionally focused therapy, and experiential approaches. As no two people are ever the same, I pull from the different theories to meet you where you are at and to guide therapy in a way that will work for you and your unique personalities and qualities that you bring into the therapy room.

In couples therapy I work through an emotionally focused therapy lens. A focus in this lens means that it is aimed at identifying and repairing negative patterns of interactions and working on identifying raw spots that can lead to the relationship feeling stuck or distant. We will work collaboratively to restore safety and connection in the relationship. Deeper fears, anxieties and emotions will be identified to help bring you and your partner closer.

The human experience is full of anxieties, depression and hardships. I hope to offer a safe, nonjudgmental space to process and work through these blocks in life. We all have the power to change, and this power rests inside ourselves, and I am only a guide to help lead you through the journey of reconnecting to yourself and working through these blocks that life throws your way.

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