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I’m Marian, and I help couples find what they have lost and face life together again, as a team. I specialize in helping you both dig deep to really get at the underlying cause of the distance you feel in your relationship. It is usually more complicated than we think. The things that are really bothering us surface in ways that actually create more conflict and distance in the relationship. This is where I feel I do my best work. My colleagues describe me as very grounded, and couples feel comfortable exploring tough topics with me. If you want to feel closer to your partner than perhaps you ever have in the past, then I’m happy that you found me.

I use emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) with couples and families in order to create stronger bonds between couples and family members. Most couples leave therapy feeling closer to their partners and feeling ready to tackle anything that comes their way. I actually have a background in business and accounting, so couples therapy is my second career. Because of that, I am uniquely able to help couples address financial concerns in their relationships in ways that other couples therapists cannot. This may include helping couples to discuss their finances, develop a budget, and understand how to talk about money without getting stuck in the same old ways.

I integrate hypnotherapy as appropriate to help a client reach underlying subconscious beliefs that are currently affecting his or her life in order to create sustained and integrated changes. I also have experience working with clients who have experienced trauma.

I have worked with Latino populations and am fluent in Spanish. I also have extensive experience with various Latino cultures and am culturally and interpersonally informed with issues of diversity and inclusion.

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