Leya Hartman

Clinical Intern



Couples Therapy
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy

Experienced In:

Life Transitions
Grief and Loss
LGBTQIA+ inclusive


Westminster, CO + Online

I’m Leya and I’m a graduate-level clinical intern from CU Denver specializing in relationship and family therapy. I’m here to listen to you and get you closer to feeling your best! Being a human is hard and I promise you are not alone in whatever you are feeling in life these days. Sharing your experience has this strange power of making life a little easier to get through. Humans have an incredible ability to grow, change, and love in the midst of pain and setbacks; I am beyond grateful that my job is to walk with you in that journey.

I have done advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy which is a highly effective evidence-based theory for bringing lasting change to couples. All of us get stuck in ineffective patterns in relationships; it hurts deeply though when these painful patterns are happening with our partner, the person we want to feel safest with and closest to. In relationship, we are usually just doing our best to get our needs met in the only way we know how. It can become painful, however, when those strategies to get our needs met become ineffective. I am here to see where you and your partner get stuck and find a way to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Through my experience in government work and my undergraduate degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Urban Studies, and Spanish, I have learned that humans are not islands, but are a part of complex social systems that inform their everyday experience. I care about incorporating that full experience in my work with individuals, couples, and families.

In my free time I love goofing around with my cat Tesla, connecting with my friends and family, laying in the sunshine with a book, and seeing my plants sprout new leaves.

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