Kimberly Coon

B.A., Clinical Intern



Couples Therapy
Individual Therapy
Adolescent Therapy

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Life Transitions
Relationship Work
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Westminster & Online

The world can be a strange place, and sometimes we feel the need to hide our true selves from it. As humans, we also have an uncanny ability to wall ourselves in from the sometimes painful realities of the world and the anxieties and other hurdles we may encounter in this uncertain journey called life. As a result, we forget who we truly are and become lost from ever finding our authentic self, the person we used to be, or the person we want the world to see.

I’m Kimberly, a master’s level intern specializing in working with individuals, couples, and families who are burdened with the task of repairing relationships or otherwise overcoming life’s many unexpected challenges. Let me help carry your burden through empathy, compassion, and collaboration and open the door to self-actualization. Just as plants grow and thrive with proper amounts of sun and water, humans also achieve maximum potential under the right circumstances. For many, that process begins with the warm and welcoming space our practice provides.

No matter what type of wall you have constructed around yourself, I am here to help you find a way through it. I am reminded each day of the resilience of the human spirit as I work with clients and see them break through their walls. It is such a gift to witness that resilience come alive.

I’m currently completing my master’s level internship at CU Denver, where I have completed classwork in couples and family counseling. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Northern Illinois University, where I minored in family and child studies.

I would be honored to come alongside you as we begin navigating the road to your best life. I am here and ready to help you take those first steps towards rediscovering your authentic self.

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