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Couples, Family, and Child/Adolescent Counseling
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Trauma Informed Care
Narrative Family Therapy
Addictions Counseling
Multicultural Competency


Westminster, Colorado + Online

Hey Y’all! My name is Harrison, and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, but I have called Colorado my home for the past five years. I believe anyone can benefit from therapy, whether you have a specific goal in mind, are just looking for an empathetic ear to talk to, or anything in between.

I always place value on looking at our lives and problems through a systemic lens. We are social and interdependent creatures, and I do not believe our problems are purely individual or exist in isolation. I find it important we look at how the problems we experience interact with the relationships in our lives, organizations we are a part of, and the community and culture at large.

I use an integrative therapeutic approach grounded in narrative family therapy and person-centered therapy. This means I value the therapeutic alliance, which I foster through empathetic connection, trust in my clients, and transparency. I also want to hear the stories clients have about their lives, as you are the expert on your life. Sometimes problems become central in our narratives, and we can use the power of language to re-author these stories. I also find trauma is involved in most therapeutic work, therefore I intend to provide trauma informed care where trust and safety can be established and compassion is shown towards our wounds and pain, in order to integrate these experiences. My ultimate goal is to serve my clients whatever their needs may be.

Our cultural identities can inform our values and greatly impact the experiences we have. As a therapist striving for multicultural competency, I start the conversation on cultural identities at the start of the therapeutic relationship and recognize the importance of learning from my clients instead of making assumptions. I aim to create a safe therapeutic environment where clients are free to speak their minds.

On a more personal note, I live in south Denver with my partner and our fluffy dog, Tito. I enjoy hiking, skiing, karate, cooking, gardening, reading, and lounging in front of the TV with my little family.

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