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Emotionally-Focused Therapy
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My name is Darcy and I work with couples and families to build deep and loving connections with one another. If you feel frustrated, confused or alone in your relationship and you’re not sure how to find your way back to your partner, I can help. Together we will examine the painful aspects of your relationship and then work to help you communicate and process emotions more effectively with one another.

I earned my master’s degree from Regis University in Marriage and Family Therapy. I entered this field because I am passionate about the transformative power of relationships and, in my work, I have seen people move from a pattern of distance and conflict to one of understanding and trust. I use emotionally-focused therapy as a way to deepen couples’ understanding of each other and what is preventing connection in order to create the relationship they want. I also have several years of experience working with parents and families with foster and adopted children and am well versed in the unique attachment difficulties and stress that can come with that experience.

I work with couples, families and individuals by building an environment that facilitates risk and change through openness, warmth, honesty, and curiosity. Together we can explore the challenging parts of your life or relationship and make fulfilling changes.

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