Christen Lish

M.A Clinical Intern


Couples/Family- Relational therapy
Blended families
1st responders/Military

Experienced In:

Integrative therapeutic approach
Low cost


Westminster & Online Telehealth

Life – it giveth and taketh away. In recent times, we have endured uncertainty, extremes, transitions, and loss. Your hope and coping may be faltering.You may feel you are carrying more than you are able. You may have found that it has become difficult to interact with others. Your relationships can feel like a maze, and you may be clueless on how to authentically show up in the world. I believe therapy can help strengthen the tools you have access to, help you gain insight, and enhance your self-empowerment.

Hello-I am Christen, a Denver native, and I enjoy traveling, music, staying active, exploring culture, and seek the outdoors/nature. I am a CU-Denver graduate-level MFT clinical intern. I have worked in law enforcement, assisted victims in different capacities, worked alongside all types of 1st responders, veterans and grew up with military members. I hold a strong desire to work with those who are on the front lines helping others. My approach incorporates and recognizes that culture and worldviews impact all clients.

My main goal is to create an environment, where all clients feel comfortable to unpack and explore the aspects of their lives, so together we can foster healing and wellness. My genuine belief is that therapy should instill hope and give ALL people the tools they need, to cultivate healthy relationships and process their experiences they have endured.

One of my goals is to guide clients in reconnecting to the meaningful components in their life. I meet clients where they are, as they are and adapt my approach, to best support the client(s). I encourage clients to draw from their belief system, cultural strengths, and values; when life becomes rocky and daunting.  I am trained and educated to work with individuals, couples and families, from a specialized focus of relational/systemic therapy.

I am working from the Westminster office every Friday (including evenings), and Saturdays. I offer flexible telehealth/online sessions, all at a low cost.

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