Premarital Counseling

Available Online and In-Person

Preparing for your upcoming marriage is an exciting time! With your attention pulled in a million directions, it’s important to nurture your bond before saying “I do”.

With all of the time you spend planning your happily ever after, don’t forget to schedule premarital counseling to ensure that you and your future spouse have discussed all of the “hot button” issues that may arise before tying the knot.

Who It’s For

Premarital counseling is for couples who are preparing for marriage. It can help strengthen the bond between you and your partner and bolster the foundation for your partnership.

How It Works

We walk you through premarital counseling in a step-by-step fashion to strengthen your bond before saying “I do”. With certified Prepare/Enrich administrators on our team, we use the Prepare/Enrich Assessment and Curriculum to help guide you and your partner in discussing all of the essential topics as recommended by relationship experts before tying the knot.

Let’s Talk About:

  • Identifying strength and growth areas
  • Exploring personality traits
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Resolving conflicts and reduce stress
  • Comparing family backgrounds
  • Comfortably discuss financial issues
  • Establishing personal, couple, and family goals

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