Exploring Nonmonogamy

Looking For a More Intentional Relationship?

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Are you curious about polyamory or open relationships?

Have you tried an open relationship and experienced challenges?

Are you “Polycurious”?

If you want to consider trying this relationship style but are unsure if it’s right for you and/or your partner, we can help. Our counselors can help you make an informed decision about what type of relationship is for you. And, we’ll be here to support you as you explore new possibilities.

Experiencing Issues in Your Open Relationship?

Much like monogamy, nonmonogamy can be challenging at times. Even the most experienced couples and groups hit a rough patch now and then. Our counselors are experienced and want to help you get back to smooth sailing in your relationship(s).

Let’s Talk About:

  • Creating a Safe and Secure Bond
  • Improving Communication
  • Supporting One Another
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Building Trust
  • Resolving Sex-Related Issues
  • Facilitating the Process of Healing and Reconnecting
  • Handling Major Life Changes
  • Navigating Infidelity

What To Expect In Your First Sessions

The first session will be focused on understanding your thoughts about your current relationship(s), monogamy, and nonmonogamy. If you’re experienced with polyamory or nonmonogamy, your therapist might ask how your past experiences have impacted you as an individual and as a partner. If you’re new to nonmonogamy, your therapist can help you learn more about it and guide you in thinking about how you want your relationship to look. The following few sessions will sometimes be individual sessions where each of you will get a chance to speak candidly with the therapist about your thoughts on the relationship(s). Thereafter, we will continue to meet with you together.

In ongoing sessions, we will continue to explore the nature of your current relationship and what you’d like to work differently. If creating a secure bond has been an issue, we will explore any betrayals that may have occurred, as well as the underlying emotions that precipitated it. For other specific issues that may be challenging the relationship, such as struggling to improve communication or navigate the issues that sometimes occur in polyamorous and nonmonogamous relationships, we will offer you insight on how to work through these issues.

Your therapist’s primary focus will be to help you and your partner(s) create a deeper connection. They won’t take sides or perceive any of you as “wrong” or “the bad one.” Rather, they may point out instances when your communication style isn’t working as well as it could or creates a barrier to empathy and understanding.

Does counseling work for open relationships?

Many people who practice polyamory or other types of nonmonogamous relationships have been helped by counselors and therapists. Ultimately, relational therapy and counseling is about opening lines of communication and creating emotional safety and security in the relationship, no matter what “style” of relationship we’re working with.

We live in a culture that idealizes romantic relationships between two, and only two, people. That doesn’t mean other relationship styles can’t thrive. However, having open relationships in a culture that wasn’t made for that can lead to specific challenges and hardships that you may not have come across when practicing monogamy. Our counselors can help you identify and address these issues.


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