Marriage Counseling

Looking For a More Intentional Relationship?

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Do you feel lonely and isolated in your marriage?

Do you feel like you have the same fight over and over again and that nothing is ever resolved?

Do you feel like you and your spouse don’t know each other anymore?

Do you feel like your spouse doesn’t listen to you?

Who It’s For

Marriage Counseling helps you and your partner find, identify, and communicate your unique underlying feelings that contribute to the same old negative patterns you are experiencing in your relationship. One of our goals is to ensure that both you and your partner feel heard, supported, and understood in a safe environment.

How It Works

We’ll meet on a regular basis, either in-person or online, and explore the relationship dynamics and patterns that are contributing to current pain and communication struggles.

Let’s Talk About:

  • Improving Communication
  • Supporting One Another
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Resolving ​Sex-Related Issues
  • Collaborating on Parenting
  • Facilitating the Process of Healing and Reconnecting
  • ​Discussing Financial Concerns
  • Handling Major Life Changes
  • Living With Family Members with Addiction
  • Facing Death and Dying
  • Reestablishing a Friendship
  • Navigating Infidelity
  • Creating a Safe and Secure Bond

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Let’s see if this is the right fit for you

Are You Searching For Answers To The Problems In Your Marriage?

Have breakdowns in communication with your spouse reached a point where nothing ever gets resolved? Do you fluctuate between having arguments and not talking to each other? Are you worried that if you don’t take action soon, your marriage may be at risk of ending?

If you’re having the same fight with your spouse over and over again, it can begin to feel like Groundhog Day. Maybe you’re feeling isolated because not only have you grown distant from your partner, but you’re also keeping family and friends at bay to avoid sharing your marriage problems with them.

The uncertainty of how you’ll resolve your issues may be leading to depression or anxiety. And if you’ve experienced a betrayal in the marriage, whether through porn addiction, an affair, or an inappropriate emotional relationship, you may be grappling with how you’ll ever move past it.

Issues That Were Initially Ignored May Now Be Surfacing

Perhaps you never attended premarital counseling and didn’t realize how much your views on marriage differed until after the wedding. You might not be on the same page with your spouse about concerns such as how to raise children, handle the finances, or split up the domestic duties. Although you may have been able to initially overlook these issues, they’re hard to ignore now that they’ve caught up with you. And if you have kids, you might feel guilty about the strain your discord is putting on them. There is so much at stake if you can’t figure out how to save your marriage.

Fortunately, marriage counseling can provide research-based therapy to help mend your relationship. With the support of a therapist, you will learn how to solve the problems within your marriage and restore a deep bond. 

We All Face Numerous Challenges In Marriage

The commitment of marriage is a tall order to fulfill. Although our rom-com culture often depicts getting married as the pinnacle of a relationship, it’s really just the beginning.  After the wedding bells have stopped ringing, there are many obstacles we must overcome to keep our marriage healthy and happy.

The challenges of co-parenting, managing finances, and running a household with a life partner is never easy—even when it’s with someone you love deeply. And when other issues arise, whether it’s mismatched desire levels, leading parallel lives apart from each other, or not liking each other’s friends, we may begin to grow apart.

The Promise Of “Happily Ever After” Sometimes Leads Us Astray

Unfortunately, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the fantasy of “happily ever after” that is perpetuated in books, TV, movies, and social media. In our haste to get engaged and plan a fabulous wedding, we may gloss over the important step of slowing down long enough to hash out the nuts-and-bolts practicalities that a long-term committed relationship entails.

Even though everything may look perfect on our social media, in reality, we’re struggling and feel broken. Because we were never taught the skills to work through conflict, we may either overreact or run away, each of which can cause disconnection in our relationship. And if we’re pulled in many different directions, including our work, kids, or extended family, these obligations can make it harder for us to focus on our marriage.

Everyone goes through rough patches in their marriage, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. With marriage therapy, you and your partner can learn meaningful ways to rediscover connection and closeness. And if intimacy issues have reached a point where you’re considering separation and divorce, our marriage counseling services can help bring you back from the brink.

Marriage Counseling Can Teach You How To Reconnect As A Couple


There’s so much riding on the success of your marriage—you have built a life together that may include children, a house, and long-term dreams for the future. If you’ve hit a rough patch and your marriage is no longer working, you likely want to do whatever it takes to save it.

Therapy gives you a safe space to explore the disconnect in your relationship. Working with an unbiased and non-judgmental third party, you can openly discuss the damage that has been done and learn to be vulnerable with each other to create a deeper connection.


Our counselors aim to help you better understand why you feel so disconnected, as well as offer ways of creating closeness and intimacy in your marriage. Even if the damage that’s already been inflicted seems insurmountable, you can overcome what has taken place and move beyond the pain and conflict.
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What To Expect In Sessions
Your first marriage therapy session will be attended jointly so your counselor can understand what has brought you both to counseling. The second and third sessions will then be held individually to allow each of you to speak candidly about the marriage before reverting to joint counseling for the remainder of your therapy together.

In ongoing sessions, you will learn to identify the negative behavioral cycles that lead to conflict and misunderstanding. By identifying these cycles that you may think neither of you can control, you will realize that not only can they be controlled but they can also be replaced with more positive forms of interaction.

Once you recognize you are about to embark on the “dance” of disconnection, you can learn to stop turning away from each other and, instead, lean into the relationship. And once you each discover how to communicate more effectively with each other, you’ll be able to better regulate your emotions and become more vulnerable with one another.

The Modalities We Use For Marriage Counseling
Our counselors keep up to date on evidence-based therapies, including the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and attachment-based therapy. Whereas the Gottman Method is specifically designed to bring couples closer together by focusing on the impact of behaviors on the relationship, EFT identifies the negative emotional patterns that arise during conflict so each partner can cultivate more positive patterns of communication. Attachment-based therapy focuses on how the relationships formed in childhood still impact how you form relationships now. Each of these modalities have been shown to has positive long-term effects on couple relationships.,,

If you both want to save your marriage, there is hope. With help and support, you can have the relationship you have always dreamed about and feel like you’re on the same team again. Many couples tell us that they feel closer after marital counseling than ever before—even when they were first falling in love.

But You May Wonder Whether Marriage Counseling Is Right For You…

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Can we save our marriage if there’s been a betrayal?
Our counselors have helped numerous clients restore trust in their marriage after experiencing a betrayal. Although it will require taking a deep, hard look at the marriage to determine what went wrong and a willingness to forgive, repair is possible. Doing the work in marital counseling can lead to a stronger, deeper relationship in the long run and help you avoid separation and divorce.
How long does marriage therapy usually take?
The amount of time couples spend in marital counseling can vary greatly. After all, it may have taken several months— or years—for you and your partner to become disconnected from each other and stop communicating effectively. Although your marriage therapist will work closely with you to ensure you’re continuing to make progress, it will take time to rebuild your relationship. For best results, marriage counseling is a process that should not be rushed.
I know a couple who went to marriage counseling and afterward got a divorce—does it really work?
People decide to end their relationships for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes couples come to marriage therapy when they have already decided to separate. They may not have put in their best effort to make it work—therapy was merely a box to check so they could say they tried everything before calling it quits. However, as long as you both want to save the marriage and are willing to do the work, there is hope.

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Your Marriage Is Worth Saving

It’s possible to repair what has broken and make your relationship stronger than it’s ever been. For more information about marriage counseling, contact us.

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