Marriage Counseling

Do you feel lonely and isolated in your marriage?

Do you feel like you have the same fight over and over again and that nothing is ever resolved?

Do you feel like you and your spouse don’t know each other anymore?

Do you feel like your spouse doesn’t listen to you?

Who It’s For

Marriage Counseling helps you and your partner find, identify, and communicate your unique underlying feelings that contribute to the same old negative patterns you are experiencing in your relationship. One of our goals is to ensure that both you and your partner feel heard, supported, and understood in a safe environment.

How It Works

We’ll meet on a regular basis, either in-person or online, and explore the relationship dynamics and patterns that are contributing to current pain and communication struggles.

Let’s Talk About:

  • Improving Communication
  • Supporting One Another
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Resolving ​Sex-Related Issues
  • Collaborating on Parenting
  • Facilitating the Process of Healing and Reconnecting
  • ​Discussing Financial Concerns
  • Handling Major Life Changes
  • Living With Family Members with Addiction
  • Facing Death and Dying
  • Reestablishing a Friendship
  • Navigating Infidelity
  • Creating a Safe and Secure Bond


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