Life Coaching

Life coaching is for people who are looking for concrete solutions to their problems and explore how to move forward in creating real and sustainable change in their lives.

Life Coaching is a wellness approach meaning that you and your life coach collaboratively create a plan of action to create the health, happiness, and success that you desire.

Available Online and In-Person

Who It’s For

Life coaching is for anyone who wants concrete steps to move toward change quickly. It is a solution-based approach to helping design a more fulfilling life.

How It Works

You and your life coach will meet for 4 weeks on a weekly basis for 60-minute sessions to talk about the changes you want to make, the roadblocks you have run into and we will strategize ways to overcome them. We focus on making changes to move your life forward in the direction of creating the life you want. After the 4 week period is over, collaboratively with your life coach, you will assess any ongoing needs for continuing coaching from there and plan to meet at the frequency that fits what you may need.

Let’s Talk About:

  • Improving relationships
  • Assessing career paths
  • Dating pitfalls
  • Creating healthy routines
  • Changing negative lifestyle habits
  • Problematic social interactions
  • Anxiety management techniques
  • Creating social support networks
  • Building strategies for increased confidence
  • Increasing productivity and motivation

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Let’s see if this is the right fit for you

Could You Use Guidance Making A Decision Or A Change?

Are you struggling with an important life decision but not sure how to move forward? Feeling stuck in a rut, would you like to make a life change but feel unprepared to put an effective action plan in place? Would getting an objective, unbiased perspective from someone be helpful to you?

You might find trying to make the right decision overwhelming. Perhaps you tend to second guess yourself and, as you contemplate each choice you’re faced with, end up vacillating without making any decision at all. If you struggle with self-esteem, it might be harder for you to summon the confidence to make decisions that would benefit you. Your inaction might spill over into self-condemnation which, in turn, affects your job performance and relationships. 


You May Be At A Crossroads

Maybe you’re considering relocating, dating again after a break-up, or trying to determine how to ask for a raise or change careers. Or perhaps you want to focus on your health and implement a new fitness regimen but aren’t sure how to get started. 

If you’re lacking direction, you might feel confused and fearful about what step to make. Although you know you want something in your life to change, you may lack the skills, motivation, or resolve to put a plan into motion. Without anyone holding you accountable, you may feel alone and unable to move forward.

Fortunately, a life coach can offer you the guidance you need to make a confident decision. By offering unbiased support and helpful accountability, life coaching can help you shift gears from procrastination to action.

Life Transitions Can Be Difficult To Navigate

When we face changes in our lives, it can be a stressful time for us. While some changes are within our control—like asking for a raise, switching jobs, or establishing healthy routines—others—like being fired, having someone break up with you, or dealing with an illness—are not. 

The times when we feel stuck can be frustrating. The more resigned we are to our present circumstances, the more stagnant we are likely to become. We may feel unsure which direction we should go, but we know that staying in place indefinitely isn’t an option, either. Even though we may lack the motivation to consider taking action, the truth is it only takes a little impetus to make big life changes.

We Often Feel Like We Should Know What To Do In Every Circumstance

Faced with a decision to make, we may assume that we’ll automatically know what to do. If we simply gather all the information and make a list of pros and cons, a decision or direction should easily come to us, right? Unfortunately, when we lack perspective, the correct choice isn’t always obvious to us. 

The stigma that surrounds showing the vulnerability to ask for help may prevent us from reaching out for assistance with our life choices. Because our culture of individualism glorifies the idea of self-reliance, we may not consider seeking help when we feel challenged by a crossroads in life. 

However, when you face a dilemma, decision, or life transition, life coaching may be just what you need to find the clarity necessary to chart the right path forward.

Life Coaching Can Help You To Be Decisive And Intentional

It feels good to make decisions with clarity. Being decisive builds self-confidence and, when you make life decisions with confidence, your choices can have long-term beneficial consequences. Your life coach will hold you accountable while also being encouraging and collaborative. 

Life coaching is a great alternative to therapy that allows you to focus on a specific life issue you’re currently facing. Whereas therapy is usually a broader deep dive into how your past experiences may shape your current experience, life coaching helps you resolve the matter at hand without the need for self-examination. And unlike therapy, your coach will offer suggestions on specific actions you can take to move forward with a plan of action in your life.

We approach the life coaching process as one where you come in needing specific guidance around an issue, whether it’s making a decision, facing a dilemma, or formulating a plan of action. Life coaching is short-term—once your coach helps you accomplish the goal you set out to achieve, it’s over. 

What Is Working With A Life Coach Like?

At your initial session, you will discuss your pending decision or dilemma with your life coach and determine what your overarching goal is. Your coach will help you understand how this issue has impacted you up until now—as well as determine what has and hasn’t worked in the past—and how each potential decision you make would impact your future. 

Through brainstorming and goal setting, you will formulate a preliminary action plan with the flexibility of adjusting it as necessary if your goal changes as you continue to reassess your priorities. The objective perspective your life coach offers will be beneficial for getting clarity about the pros and cons of your choices. And meeting regularly with your coach will help hold you accountable for accomplishing the steps of your action plan, providing you with the incentive you need for achieving your goal. 


Each coaching session will take place in a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can talk about barriers, fears, and the steps you need to take. If you are stuck on a particular step, your life coach may suggest taking specific actions to keep you moving forward. They will also help you stay motivated by reviewing the progress you’ve already made and preparing you for what lies ahead to accomplish your goal.

You will leave life coaching equipped with specific skills and techniques to work through any similar situation that may arise in the future. The decision-making model you will learn in life coaching sessions will be an invaluable tool you will have at your disposal whenever you face a crossroads in your life. With help and support, you can work through whatever issue is keeping you from growing and find the best path forward for you with confidence.

But You May Wonder Whether Life Coaching Is Right For You…

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How do I know if life coaching would be more appropriate than therapy?

Therapy explores the root causes of what may be causing you unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In therapy, you and the therapist will examine how your past experiences may shape your current experience. Life coaching for men and women tends to be holistic and present-focused, helping you resolve a specific issue or problem, without necessarily looking at past experiences. 

How long does life coaching usually take?

Because you are receiving support and guidance for one specific issue—such as how to navigate a life transition, incorporate stress relief into your daily routine, or seek out a healthy relationship—your time working with a coach is often shorter in duration than traditional therapy. Depending on how detailed your objective is, you can expect life coaching to take 5-10 sessions and, if it’s more convenient for you, you can meet with your certified coach online.

Shouldn’t I be able to figure out big life decisions on my own?

It’s understandable to think we should be able to make choices about our lives without the necessity of professional input. However, we could all could use an objective perspective from time to time. When we run the pros and cons of a decision over and over in our heads, we lose neutrality. Finding someone who offers unbiased guidance but who holds us accountable can help us move forward to action. Working with a life coach ensures that we looked at the issue from all sides and ultimately made the best decision without self-doubt or second-guessing ourselves.

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 Life Coach Has Got Your Back

With the support of a life coach, you can make an important life decision with confidence. For more information about life coaching, please contact us.

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