How Wealth Can Negatively Impact Your Marriage

We live in a profit-driven society. Having wealth is not a guarantee of happiness or marriage satisfaction. But when so much of our daily lives revolve around money, wealth can make some aspects of a couple’s life less stressful. Issues like unemployment and debt can put incredible strain on any relationship. Working long hours at more than one job will undoubtedly impact both partners and their children, reducing the stability of the relationship and the family.

At the same time, contrary to pop culture, money can’t buy love or joy. Attaining wealth will also impact your relationship — and not always for the better. Let’s take a closer look.

How Wealth Can Negatively Impact Your Marriage

Couples of any financial class struggle to sustain the excitement and passion of their early days. When wealth is involved, day-to-day tasks and chores can be outsourced, but with affluence comes other complications. Your financial status must be tended to and this can be demanding work. Commitment and energy must be delegated in such directions. By definition, this leaves attention to the daily work of evolving together and remaining compatible.

Having a large home creates physical distance. If children are involved, this affects everyone in the family. Combine this with the worldwide trend toward screen time and digital life, and your most important relationships may be neglected. For children, being born into wealth places immense expectations upon them. Resentful, over-pressured kids are hardly good news for their parents — regardless of income.

Does Wealth Change You?

Of course, it does. As touched on above, it can offer relief from some daily challenges, but what about its internal impact? Did you know that study after study finds that rich people regularly display less empathy and compassion?

They are less likely to help others or pay attention to the people around them. Wealthy folks are highly likely to engage in unethical behavior and believe they were given no advantages to getting to where they are. Spoiler alert: All of the above attributes are red flags within a relationship.

So, how does one stay healthy financially and emotionally?

How to Prevent Wealth From Negatively Impacting Marriage

Communication is Your Foundation

For any and all marriages, healthy communication is non-negotiable. You see, the root of your problems is not your bank account. The strife you feel is related to how you interact with and relate to one another. With respectful, honest, and face-to-face communication, you position yourselves to resolve conflict and discover new approaches.

Don’t Leave Together Time to Chance

Rich, poor, or anywhere in between, couples find no shortage of excuses for not spending time together. Therefore, it’s best for busy people to literally schedule time together. Don’t leave things to chance. Sure, money will have various impacts on your marriage. But only you can control how much quality time you get to enjoy as a couple (and family). Make it a daily priority.

Manage Your Wealth and Time Well

Reduce the amount of stress you both feel by delegating financial tasks to the experts you hire. Also, when making money decisions, make them as a team. Respect each other’s input. Most of all, remember how much fun you can have without spending a penny.

Couples Therapy is a Valuable Asset

You may have been born into wealth, married into money, or just hit it big. Regardless of how you’ve gotten to this point, if affluence is taking a toll on your marriage, you need to consult with a couples therapist. Commit together to do what it takes to negotiate the ups and downs to come out stronger than before.

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